Client: African Environmental Solutions.

The study recommended a final quarry form which would visually and ecologically blend with the setting and the proposed greenbelt for The Industrial Development Zone. A full set of specific rehabilitation guidelines provided the implemetation control.

Existing situation
Existing design Preferred design


Client: Chunnett Fourie and Partners for Komati Basin Water Authority (KOBWA).

Environmental planning, construction specifications and monotoring of construction activities for a large dam on the Lomati river. This project is on-going and includes on-site supervision and rehabilitation controls.

Before and after of Driekoppies dam


Client: Royal Bafokeng Aministration.

CKA formed part of a multidisaplinary design team managed by VKE Inc. The site layout, paving, landscape design and sports field underdrainage comprised the design brief. All details of site signage, seating walls, lighting and playing field soil and underdrainage were designed, coordinated and quality controlled on this 40 000 seat olympic stadium by CKA.

Phokeng Stadium, Rustenberg

N-3 TOLL ROAD, From Cedara to Heidelberg

Client: N-3 Toll Concession (PTY) Ltd

CKA, as the Independent Environmental Consultant, were responsible for managing and producing the environmental investigations and the scoping report respectively. Approval to proceed with the project from the Department of Environment Afffairs and Tourism was received in their Record of Decision, 7 months after project start.

The extent of the project


Client: Northern Province Tourism Board

The brief was to develop a master plan that would allow for increased, yet controlled and supervised visitor access to the Makapansgat Valley and caves.

Africa is the "Cradle of Mankind" and the Makapan Valley is one of the premier palaeo-anthropological sites on the African continent. The MVCL is unique in that preserved in its many caves, in the form of ancient sediments, fossils and archaeological remains, is a record of proto-human and human occupation and resource exploitation extending from australopithecine times about 3.2 million years before present through to the present. This evidence forms much of the foundation of the South African archaeological sequence. The are seventy or more sites in the MVCL and its immediate surrounds.

Top:Australopithicus fossils from the caves. Bottom: Makapansgat cultural valley


Client: CIty council of Pretoria

The Pretoria Art Museum commissioned the sculpture garden in order to exhibit some of their own existing outdoor art pieces. The courtyard is the first permanent open air display area for the museum. The project brief was that the space should function with and without the art works, that the design was implemented by previously marginalized contractors and a component for capacity building of unskilled labours be included.

3D Visualisations of sculpture garden


Client: Technikon Pretoria

Design of the landscape surrounding the new Administration Building as well as an under developed area adjacent to the grounds of the new building. The scope of works included a central fountian plaza for the campus, walkways, seating areas, a visitors parking area for the campus and for the new building, site furniture, lighting and planting

Mian water feature at the new Adminstration building


Client: Institute of National Resources

The proposed scheme, a bulk water inter-basin transfer scheme, comprises two large dams, the Jana Dam on the Thukela River and the Mielietuin Dam on the Bushman's River, with linking aqueducts comprising either open canals and/or pipelines frmo the proposed dams to the existing Drakensberg Pumped Storage Scheme.

The visual assessment is a specialist study to determine the visual effects of the proposed Thukela Water Projects on the surrounding environment and forms part of the overall EIA study to assess the environmental impact.

Before and after computer generated simulations of proposed dam